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She’s the Boss

Nina Christofilis created her business-oriented podcast, Ladyboss, in high school

By Seattle Mag March 4, 2024

Nina Christofilis on her podcast

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2024 issue of Seattle magazine.

Nina Christofilis had no way of knowing that working on the sales floor at her mother Jeannine’s Seattle luxury resale store, Refind, would ignite her passion. She was, after all, just a 16-year-old high school kid. But she was blown away while talking with all the successful women who shopped at the Madison Valley store.

An idea was born, and the aspiring young entrepreneur launched her Ladyboss podcast while still in high school. Ladyboss is focused on interviewing women in business about their path to success, with the goal of empowering younger women.

Now a sophomore at Boston’s Northeastern University, Christofilis has created dozens of episodes and is now working on season No. 4.

“I would express my interest in studying business while helping these women, and by the time they went to check out, many said, ‘Here’s my phone number,’” recalls Christofilis, a business administration major with a concentration in entrepreneurship. “Once I got nine, 10, 12 phone numbers, I (knew) this was a fantastic opportunity.”

One of Christofilis’ favorite interviews was with Sumit Chaunan, a corporate vice president at Microsoft. Another was with child actor Coco Christo, who is from Seattle.

To Christofilis, the podcast is more personal passion than business. She admits that she’s never really thought about monetizing it. She says, however, that she’s “open to whatever the future has to hold.”

“My genuine intent ion was never to make money,” she says. “I’m just so fascinated with the business world and so passionate that women need to be more represented in that world.”

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