‘10 Things I Hate About You’ Turns 25 

Tour 10 locations from the iconic '90s movie filmed in Seattle and Tacoma

Hand holding a DVD of "10 Things I Hate About You" in front of a city skyline that matches the setting of the movie, celebrating its 25th anniversary.

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2024 issue of Seattle magazine.

If set-jetting involves traveling the world to visit production sites of our favorite films, what is it called when you relive those movie scenes right here at home? 

Location staycation. 

Released 25 years ago in 1999, 10 Things I Hate About You perfectly encapsulates the ’90s and stands out as an excellent adaptation of Shakespeare. It’s Heath Ledger’s American debut and a travel postcard from Seattle and Tacoma to the world. So, get those cameras ready and crank up Letters to Cleo — let’s hit the town with Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona.

1. WorldMark Seattle The Camlin – Downtown

The Camlin, located across the street from Paramount Theatre.

Photo courtesy of Worldmark Seattle - The Camlin

Check into The Camlin and prepare for a total 10 Things I Hate About You immersion. The historic 1926 property is offering a 90s-themed “10 Things” package with 20% off rooms. Guests will be greeted with the Ultimate ‘90s Nostalgia Playlist, nostalgia-inducing ‘90s candy, a copy of No Fear Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew, and of course, a DVD of the movie, complete with a good old-fashioned DVD player for in-room viewing. Remember to book by May 22, and use code “10THINGS” at checkout.

2. Paramount Theatre – Downtown

Left: exterior of the Paramount Theater with neon lights, celebrating the 25th anniversary of "10 Things I Hate About You," set in an urban street. Right: interior of the theater showcasing elaborate

Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle.

Photo by Manuela Durson/Shutterstock (left) and Melissa Herzog/Shutterstock (right)

Opened in 1928, the historic Seattle landmark,  Paramount Theatre, still showcases touring bands and performers. It served as a filming location for the lobby scenes for the prom, so cue Save Ferris and explore. Then it’s time to scooter, bike or ride share. The city awaits.

3. Kerry Park – Queen Anne

Title "10 Things I Hate About You Turns 25" superimposed in green graffiti style over a panoramic view of Seattle, featuring the Space Needle on the left.

The view from Kerry Park in Queen Anne.

Photo courtesy of Touchstone

Continue your quest with the stunning Seattle skyline as seen from Kerry Park. This Insta-perfect location provided the POV for the movie’s opening credits, making it the perfect place to kick off your staycation. If time and weather cooperate, the sunset views are legendary.

4. Century Ballroom at Oddfellows – Capitol Hill

Left: a young couple dancing closely in a dimly lit ballroom. Right: an overhead view of people dancing at a lively concert celebrating "10 Things I Hate About You Turns 25" with

Century Ballroom.

Photo courtesy of Touchstone (left) and Century Ballroom (right)

Party like it’s 1999 in the very spot where the prom’s dance sequences were filmed. The production crew created an entire wall inside the ballroom to match the interior of the Paramount. Oddfellows is still a vital part of the neighborhood, so this is the perfect spot to make a toast to our heroine. Just don’t drink as much tequila as Kat did.

5. Fremont

Le Coin is a modern French American restaurant in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, the former site of The Buckaroo Tavern.

Photo courtesy of Le Coin

Pre-millennium Fremont captures the essence of the movie, as well a moment in time for post-Grunge Seattle. Make dinner plans at Le Coin, the former site of The Buckaroo Tavern, featured as the “10 Things’” biker bar. This scene led up to the studio-filmed “Club Skunk,” where Patrick convincingly faked his Riot Grrrl street cred to Kat and the entire Pacific Northwest with one line.

Whether you like Jared Leto or K.D. Lang, don’t miss the Fremont Troll. Seattle’s favorite under-the-Aurora-Bridge dweller played a memorable role in the film, providing the backdrop for Bianca and Cameron’s ploy to get Kat and Patrick together.

Head down to Portage Bay Goods, site of the former Fremont Place Book Co. from the movie. If you cross the street to Ophelia’s, you might find a copy of The Feminine Mystique.

6. Lake Union

Lake Union

Photo courtesy of Tonestone (left) and The Center for Wooden Boats (right)

Like many Seattleites, after Kat springsPatrick from detention, they make a beeline to Lake Union. Whether you rent a donut boat, a hot tub boat, a SUP, or a paddle boat – like Kat and Patrick – the views of the Space Needle are the same, and the views of the downtown skyline are very, very different.

7. Gas Works Park – Wallingford

Left: two smiling young adults wearing paint-splattered overalls photograph each other with a smartphone. Right: industrial landscape with pipes and steel structures under a blue sky during the "10 Things I Hate

Gas Works Park

Photo courtesy of Touchstone (left) and Seattle Parks and Recreation/TIA International Photography (right)

The most well-known visual non-sequitur in the movie is the paintball scene in nearby Gas Works Park. While you may not find paintball battles here in real life, you can soak in the park’s industrial charm and quintessential views of the Aurora Bridge, just like Kat and Patrick did during their romantic romp.

8. Stratford House – Tacoma

Tacoma also features prominently in the movie. The beautiful Stratford House overlooking Puget Sound, is a charming Victorian in North Tacoma. While you can’t enter the actual residence, exploring the neighborhood is a must. Tacoma’s coolest street, 6th Avenue, is just a short walk away. Check out vintage mecca Scorpio Rising, and muse on how it might have influenced Kat’s fashion and music choices. Then grab a bite and a beer at The Red Hot, or E9 Firehouse & Gastropub.

9. Stadium High School – Tacoma

Historic stone and brick building featured in the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" with steeply pitched roofs and multiple chimneys, surrounded by trees under a clear blue sky.

Stadium High School

Photo by Dylan McCann Alye/Shutterstock

Few first-time viewers would guess that the majestic, outlandishly proportioned fictional Padua High School is actually a real, functioning high school. The building was originally intended to be a French chateau-style hotel but after a financial disaster, and a massive fire, the school district took ownership in 1904. The ornate structure finally opened in 1906 as Tacoma High School, renamed in 1913 to match the adjoining Stadium Bowl. Take a tour with Pretty Gritty Tours to get all the behind-the-scenes trivia. And yes, Letters to Cleo really did play on the roof, and said it was terrifying.

10. Stadium Bowl – Tacoma

Football teams stretch on a field below a grand, castle-like building on a sunny day, celebrating the movie anniversary of "10 Things I Hate About You," which turns 25.

The Stadium Bowl (originally Tacoma Stadium) is a 15,000-seat stadium adjacent to Stadium High School

Photo courtesy of Touchstone

If you build a gigantic high school, it should have a gigantic football stadium to match, right? Stadium Bowl originally opened in 1910 and was the site of the Pacific Northwest’s first night high school football game in 1929. We know it as the place where Patrick wooed Kat by singing Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” accompanied by the Padua High School marching band, making it the perfect place to end your 10 Places We Love About 10 Things I Hate About You tour.

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